The coral reef provides almost 50% of the world's oxygen supply and houses the most diverse species on the planet. Often times, the coral reefs are referenced as the “lungs” of our planet. We are benefiting from our environment with every breath we take without even thinking about it. Due to pollution and climate change only a fraction of the coral reefs are left and several of them have lost their beautiful colors due to bleaching. In fact, "Human influences resulted in a 50% decline in coral cover* between 1985 - 2012."

Coral Studios is a proud partner with the Great Barrier Reef Foundation and contributes a portion of all product sales to protecting, preserving, and recovering the coral reefs to be able to sustain into future generations. 

Through Coral studios we hope to be able to give back and help save our environment by using our own "Coral Reef" of creatives and artists.