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  • "The White Jacket"
  • "The White Jacket"

"The White Jacket"


For years people have made items that chip away with time, revealing another design underneath. We wanted to use this design philosophy to show what’s happening in the world. Using a unique method of painting and printing, “the white jacket” is a tribute to Coral Studios’ biggest inspiration - the ocean.

Coral bleaching is the process of a reef expelling its algae through high exposure of warm water and changes in nutrients. The leading cause of coral bleaching is rising temperatures in the oceans caused by climate change.

Just like the reef, this jacket is a warning to the world that even the making of the jacket is detrimental to our environment if not done with the right intent. We had all jackets produced with carbon neutral processes to ensure we aren’t impacting Mother Earth negatively. But it’s not just a “cool”, sustainably produced jacket, it’s a moment of truth showcasing how all living things must be preserved in order for the Earth to remain habitable for future generations.

*NOTE* All jackets eventually turn white over time, as the original black design chips away.



Shell: 100% Cowhide Leather

Liner: 100% Polyester


Order your usual size for intended fit.


Due to the nature of the production of the jacket variations will occur.

  • All sales final

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