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New York Sunshine is a multifaceted group of artists with a very specific and recognizable industrial aesthetic. For Art Basel 2017 and 2018, Coral Studios collaborated with New York Sunshine to create spaces for their work and ours at Miami Art Basel which retained individuality for both brands and benefitted both parties involved.

Art Basel

In 2017, Coral Studios held a podcasting space within the venue where New York Sunshine was showcasing their art.

In 2018, we created a celebratory installation for the success of the Nike Coral Studios Air Max 95 and Coral Studios merchandise. The shoe was bolted against the wall inside an acrylic shoebox to emphasize the idea that they are more than just shoes - they are wearable pieces of art.

The space hosted several live podcasting events, and New York Sunshine hosted their art within the venue and drew in the youth and art industry visiting for Miami Art Basel.

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