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With Nike, we were tasked with creating a colorway for an iconic Nike sneaker model of our choice. We wanted to create something that not only represented us as a brand and company, but which would educate the public, create a story, spark a discussion, and give back to the world.

Coral Studios Airmax 95

The Great Barrier Reef alone houses more than 3,000 species of aquatic life and only a small percentage of it remains intact today due to climate change. It was important to us to educate the community about its beauty and magnitude, while also promoting a charitable initiative to support The Great Barrier Reef Foundation based in Brisbane, Australia.

The limited release colorway received immense support beginning with Lapstone & Hammer hosting a pop-up charity event, to Lebron James wearing the shoes onto the court. The Coral Studios Air Max 95 became more than just a style statement - they symbolize how creativity can be utilized to impact the world in a bigger and more positive way than to simply generate follows and likes.

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Cell phone mock up of a synthesiser brand
Website mockup for a synthesiser brand

The shoe generated over $10,000 for The Great Barrier Reef Foundation, and a couple years later is currently going for over $500, 170% of its original price, on sneaker resell platforms such as StockX and Grailed.

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